Line Edits

Want to improve your manuscript for the increasingly competitive book market?

Then our line edit is for you our experienced editors can provide you with the service to do this.

You will receive:

  1. Line by Line editing to improve clarity, organization, and flow. You will still maintain your authorial voice, but it will give you a stronger manuscript for your chosen audience.
  2. Corrections of spelling and grammar errors, typos and inconsistences.
  3. Tracked revisions for you to review, giving you control over your manuscript.
  4. Suggestions to improve the style, tone, point of view, word choice, and sentence structure.
  5. Critical appraisal of your manuscript indicating where arguments need more support, storyline or flow could be improved, where there are unfinished thoughts and more.  
  6. Identification if necessary of what’s not working in your manuscript.
  7. Editor notes providing a summary of the work carried out and highlighting the next steps for your manuscript.

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